Elevate Your Practice at Xerocon London 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

May 15, 2024

May 15, 2024

5 min read

5 min read

Xerocon London 2024, set for June 12-13 at ExCeL London, is poised to be an unparalleled event for accounting and bookkeeping professionals. This gathering is more than a showcase of Xero’s innovative solutions; it's a ground for growth, learning, and great networking opportunities.

Here’s how to maximize your experience and leave the conference not just inspired but equipped to elevate your practice.

Strategic Session Selection: Customize Your Learning

Xerocon's agenda brims with potential. To make the most of it, identify the sessions that align with your current challenges and future aspirations. Whether you’re keen on exploring the latest in cloud accounting or diving deep into financial forecasting, earmarking these sessions early on ensures you gain actionable insights tailored to your practice's needs.

Networking with Purpose: Beyond the Exchange of Business Cards

Xerocon’s networking opportunities are unmatched. It's where you can rub shoulders with the industry’s vanguards, share experiences with peers from around the globe, and forge connections that could lead to future collaborations. To network effectively:

  • Set Clear Objectives: Know what you want to achieve — whether it's finding a mentor, uncovering new business opportunities, or learning best practices from other regions.

  • Prepare an Intro Pitch: Have a concise introduction ready. Being able to articulate who you are and what you do in a few sentences can make a lasting impression.

  • Follow Up: Collect contact information and make notes to remind yourself of the conversation. A timely follow-up post-conference can turn a brief encounter into a meaningful connection.

The Art of Learning and Earning: CPD Points and Beyond

Attending Xerocon is an investment in your continuing professional development. With self-verifiable CPD points on offer, every session is a step toward not just meeting your professional requirements but enriching your expertise. Take notes, ask questions, and engage fully to translate these learnings into actionable strategies for your practice.

Unwinding in Style: The Xerocon Party

Xerocon London's party is the talk of the town for a reason. It's a well-deserved break from the day's hustle, offering live music, entertainment, and an all-inclusive gastronomic experience. It’s also an excellent setting for informal networking, where conversations flow as freely as the refreshments.

Extend Your Journey: The London Experience

While the primary draw is the conference, London’s allure is undeniable. If your schedule allows, extending your stay to take in the historical landmarks, vibrant cultural scene, and culinary delights adds an enriching layer to your Xerocon journey. It’s not only a chance to unwind but also to soak in the innovative spirit of one of the world’s leading financial hubs.

Practical Tips for a Smooth Xerocon Experience

  • Plan Your Agenda: Beyond earmarking sessions, factor in time for networking, exploring exhibitor booths, and yes, coffee breaks. A well-thought-out schedule ensures you don’t miss out on unexpected opportunities.

  • Stay Connected: Xerocon is an event buzzing with insights and announcements. Keeping your devices charged means you can stay connected, share real-time updates, and keep track of notes and contacts.

  • Dress for Success: Opt for comfort and style. Business casual attire that carries you comfortably from sessions to social gatherings ensures you’re always at ease.

  • Stay Hydrated and Nourished: Days can be long and packed with activities. Regularly hydrating and snacking keeps your energy levels up, ensuring you get the most out of every experience.

Xerocon London 2024 is more than a conference; it's a moment for professional growth, networking, and innovation. With these strategies in hand, you’re not just attending Xerocon; you’re set to make it a great experience that could redefine your practice. Here’s to making the most of every moment at Xerocon London 2024!

Combinely will be present at The Xerocon London 2024 event and are eager to connect with fellow professionals in the industry! We are excited to discuss how Combinely can support you and add value to your accounting firms. Feel free to reach out to us through LinkedIn: Tom and Arthur.

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